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Prophet Lovy Longomba!

Thank you for your interest in having Prophet Lovy Longomba involved in your event. It is an honor that you are entrusting Prophet Lovy with this request and he does not take it for granted. Please know that it is Prophet Lovy’s desire to assist you in building your members and community.

Please give us detailed information regarding your event  so that we may pass on the most up-to-date information to Prophet Lovy.  No matter the event, your invitation will be considered very prayerfully!

Please take into consideration these factors when placing an invitation: All requests should be submitted to msgrice@rcjcministries.org. If your event is less than 30 days away, we ask that you first email us prior to filling out the form below. All other requests should be submitted through this form only. We will respond to your request as soon as we receive direction on Prophet Lovy’s availability.


TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: Our office will make all travel arrangements for Prophet Lovy.  Please be note that an assistant will accompany him.  Once Prophet Lovy’s travel is confirmed, we will forward his arrival and departure itinerary to your office.

HOTEL ARRANGEMENTS: In most cases, our office will also make hotel arrangements. However, the sponsoring organization can be called on to prepare the arrangements. If that's the case, unless otherwise specified, one non-smoking room should be reserved for Prophet Lovy if travel is more than 100 miles from Los Angeles, CA.  Request for an additional room will be made in advance with the appropriate representative of the sponsoring organization/group.  Once the room (s) have been reserved, we request that you email the confirmation number and hotel details to our office.

GROUND TRANSPORTATION: For travel more than 100 miles from Los Angeles, CA, unless the sponsoring organization/group has arranged to utilize an RCJC representative to transport Prophet Lovy, a vehicle rental may be required to ensure Prophet Lovy arrives at your event in a timely manner.  

SPEAKING TOOLS & ASSISTANCE: (2)  cordless handheld microphones, a quiet room and setting to meditate and prepare at least five hours prior to speaking and to change clothing after ministering.

DONATION/HONORAIUM: We are confident that you will esteem Prophet Lovy highly for the word sake. We also trust that you know how to minister to this servant from God in the same manner that RCJC members, partners and Board of Director's honor him. Honoraium check should be made out to Lovy Longomba Ministries, LLC or send via PayPal to giving@prophetlovy.com. If a love offering donation is taken for Prophet Lovy in addition to the honorarium, the check should also be made out to Lovy Longomba Ministries, LLC or sent via PayPal.

For Prophet Lovy’s teaching resources and other information please visit his website at: www.prophetlovy.com

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